SOLD: “Retro” 12-piece Ethan Allen Dining Room Set – $1100

We have a really cool, retro (late 1960s to early 1970s) Ethan Allen dining room set for sale. Asking $1100.

It consists of:

  • A table with two leaves (3 pieces)
  • Really fancy chairs (4 pieces)
  • Rather plain chairs (2 pieces)
  • A hutch and china cabinet (2 pieces)
  • A buffet

Dining Room Set

The color is “nutmeg” and here are the details on each piece:

Dining Room Table

The table is model number 10-6023P. When the leaves are out it is round, but can be expanded twice to seat more people. There is a fitted cover for the table as well, I just don’t have it in the picture. On Etsy it is going for $825.

Fiddleback Chairs

There are two types of chairs. The fancier chairs (four of them) are model 10-6020 which are apparently “Heirloom Maple Fiddleback Duxbury Side Chairs”. These are the best part of the set and are in excellent condition. From the same seller on Etsy these are $330 a piece.

Squires Chairs

The second type of chair is model 10-6000. These are plainer and called “Squires Chairs”. I found one ad on eBay asking $200 each. While everything in this set is in good to excellent condition, there is a blemish on one of these chairs.

Blemish on Squires Chair

There is also a hutch/china cabinet combination:

China Cabinet

It is model 866221 and is the one thing I can’t find any information about on the Internet.

Dining Room Table

The final piece is a buffet side table, model 106027. I did find an eBay auction where it sold for $700.

This furniture spent several years in a house in Wilmington, but the house was recently sold and we do not have a place for it now. Our loss is your gain. We are asking $1100 which is considerably less than the pieces would cost separately.

If you are looking to add some retro style to your life, drop me a note at forsale (at) or call me at 919-696-7625. If I don’t answer please leave a message and I’ll call you back.

SOLD: Harvard Foosball Table with Electronic Score Keeping

I have a Harvard Foosball Table, Model GO1931, with electronic score keeping for sale.

We are moving offices and don’t have room for it in the new place.

The table is very solidly made (i.e. it’s heavy). There are cup holders on each side. It comes with a number of balls for uninterrupted play.

The electronic score keeper let’s you choose the length of game you wish to play, and it shouts out “Goal!” when one is scored.

This table has been gently used, the plastic coating protecting the Harvard logo badge is still in place.

These tables go for $450 to $600, but I’m offering it for $300.

If interested, drop me a note at forsale (at) or call me at 919-696-7625. If I don’t answer please leave a message and I’ll call you back.

SOLD: 1977 Ford 4600 Tractor with Loader

UPDATE: This tractor has been sold.

I have a 1977 Ford 4600 diesel tractor for sale. Asking $9300. It comes with a Great Bend loader and a number of implements.

I’ve owned this tractor since May of 2000, and I bought it with a new Great Bend 330 front end loader. Since I’ve owned it, it has been kept under cover.

It’s a light duty tractor for me and currently has 1123 on the clock.

It comes with a number of implements including a seven foot box blade, a six foot Howse rotary cutter and a six inch auger (not pictured).

It’s a good, solid tractor with 52 hp to the PTO. I’m only getting rid of it because when my neighbor moved I was able to buy his B-series Kubota which is a better size for me, although I’ll miss the large deck on the bushhog when it comes time to cut the pasture.

I haven’t had to service this tractor often, but I’ve had the folks at Gum Springs look at it when needed. It does have two minor problems.

The first is that the alternator light glows dimly. We’ve replaced the cables and the voltage regular but it didn’t fix it. I don’t have any issues with it starting in the summer, and in the winter I just keep it on a trickle charger.

The second is that the power steering pump has a slow leak. The part is $1250 which buys a lot of fluid, so I just occasionally top it up.

Otherwise, it is in great shape for a tractor of this vintage.